Profound & Professional Hair Extensions

For clients, our products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves. For stylists, this has completely evolved their extension business.

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Machine-Tied Weft

Hotheads Hair Extensions

Thicker, more durable, machine made weft with 2-3 times more density of hair than the hand tied wefts oer. One continuous 30 wide seam that can be cut into multiple smaller wefts.

  • 30" wide weft
  • Can be cut into multiple smaller wefts to customize
  • 100% Remy Human Hair in Body Wave Texture
  • 2-3 times the density per square inch as Hand-Tied wefts
  • Pre-layered ends for natural blend
  • Available in 21 shades--No new color ring needed
  • Available in 2 lengths
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Sample Pack 10"-12" (2 piece pack)

Hotheads Hair Extensions

A sample pack contains one complete extension, giving the stylist a cost effective tool to offer a trial to a client that otherwise may not consider hair extensions.

  • Offers stylist the opportunity to experience the product with minimal investment before committing to the maintenance and application method.
  • Each sample pack contains 1 complete extension.
  • Offered in 6 natural colors and 1 Fantasy shade.
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Rainbow 14"-16" (24 piece pack)

Hotheads Hair Extensions

Rainbow Packs are pre-blended. Our original blend of human hair and temperature safe synthetic fiber creates bold and long lasting vibrant colors.

This product can be ironed and blown out just like regular human hair products, but should not exceed a maximum of 250°F/ 121°C

  • 4 Turquoise
  • 4 Red
  • 4 Purple
  • 4 Ocean Blue
  • 4 Hot Pink
  • <4 Lilac
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Remove discoloration caused by minerals such as those found in spray tans, aerosol sunscreens & well or hard water.

1. After removing discolored extensions, rinse in warm water.
2. Pour 4 cups of hot water into mixing bowl and add contents of RECOVER packet. Stir until crystals completely dissolve.
3. Place discolored hair in the solution until discolored area is submerged. Avoid wetting Tape Tabs.
4. Soak for 15min. Inspect. Continue soaking in 15min increments until desired results are achieved. Do not exceed 60min of soaking time.
5. Wash recovered extensions with Clean Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner. Condition from mid-shafts to ends.
6. Blow dry extensions, be sure to avoid the tabs. Retape extensions.

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