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Thermal Protection Mist 6.5oz
Item #:SBTPM6 

Embrace heat styling without compromising the health and beauty of your hair, while adding a touch of silkiness and shine to your locks and preserving and enhancing your color.

  • Helps prevent damage, breakage, and split ends caused by high temperaturs
  • Ensures that your strands remain healthy, hydrated, and resistant to the drying effects of heat styling. For best use, hold 6-8 inches away from hair and lightly mist
  • Adds shine, smooths frizz, preserves and enhances color without leaving residue
  • Can be used on damp hair after applying any styling aids prior to blow drying (can help reduce blow dry time when used on damp hair) OR on dry hair prior to using a heat tool (provides light hold when used in dry hair)

A sunny, citrusy, and vibrant fragrance that is refreshing and clean.