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Reuzel TAT

Item #:RZHYB1 


STEP #2 of your TAT routine. Deeply hydrating tattoo balm that helps brighten healed tattoos and moisturizes your canvas. With shea butter and papaya extracts, this tattoo brightening aftercare balm protects the crisp edge from stretching or blurring. Dry, flaky skin hides the ink and stretches skin. Keep your old or new ink front and center with the best tattoo balm for old tattoos and freshly healed body art.

Sunlight. Pollution. Whatever is was that got spilled on you last night. Sometimes, its like the whole damn planets after your tattoo. Give your ink an edge of HYDRABALM. Its the cant-miss hero of tattoo balms, brightening your colors and protecting you from whatever the world throws at you next.