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Item #:NMRTM5 

Help repair damage and transform locks with an infusion of nourishment for ultimate repair. This weekly intensive treatment replenishes while restoring hair health for softer, shinier, more vibrant hair.

Quick Facts

  • Restores strength, softness and smoothness
  • Delivers moisture to nourish and revive dry, brittle and damaged hair
  • Provides a protective barrier from enviornmental and heat styling damage
  • Provides luster and glossy shine
  • Use to treat hair weekly or as often as needed

Key Ingredients

  • Carob Seed Extract:Rich in essential amino acids, this protein binds to the hair fiber, creating a protective layer that smoothes hair cuticle and helps repair damage and seal in moisture for smoother, shinier, more resilient strands.
  • Plant Collagen: Increases elasticity by filling the space between cells, helping to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. Envelops water molecules to help retain essential moisture.
  • Sea Kelp: Nutrient and mineral-rich, it provides essential nourishment and smoothing to hair.