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Megix 10

Hydrating Silver Shampoo

Silver shampoo for grey and blonde hair. Retains beautiful cold tones, neutralizing yellow and copper pigments. Strenthens hair keraveg-18 with vegetable amino acids, adds softness and handleability. Keraveg-18 Herbal keratin complex consists of 18 amino acids, including soy and oat proteins, that mimic keratin proteins in human hair.

  • Adds strength and elasticity
  • Adds gloss, durability and ensures long-lasting hair color
  • Protects the environment from damage
  • Well-groomed and healthy hair
  • Comprehensive care for hair
  • Vegetable alternative to animal keratins
  • Arginine strengthens hair fiber
  • Serine has anti-aging effects
  • Threonine restores collagen production
  • Silk proteins moisturize and protect against pollution