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Sun Shield Conditioner

Keune Care
Item #:KSUNC 
    The Keune Care Essential Mineral Complex is made up of 5 different minerals that work together to nourish the scalp and ensure happy, healthy hair.
    • ZINC
      is an antioxidant that stimulates the development of new cells.
    • COPPER
      promotes hair growth by boosting the formation of disulfide cross linkages.
      plays a huge role during the formation of collagen and connective tissues, which the hair is made up of.
    • IRON
      is vital for protein formulation and acts as a carrier of oxygen, energizing the scalp.
      sustains energy production and ensures a healthy mineral balance.

Intensely moisturizing conditioner for hair thats been exposed to the sun.

  • Shea Butter conditions and adds shine to the hair.
  • UV filter protects the hair from sun damage
  • Polymers and Quats improve combability.
Sun Shield Conditioner