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K18 Biomimetic Hairscience

Damage Shield pH Protective Shampoo

The color-safe, pH-optimized shampoo with the patented K18PEPTIDE effectively cleanses while maintaining hair health. Scalp microbiome-friendly and gentle enough to use every time you cleanse, 91% said hair felt smoother, healthier, and not weighed down.

Safe but powerful cleansing: Plant-derived surfactants deliver safe but effective high-power cleansing to breakdown and remove dirt and oil.

Designed for damaged hair: pH-optimized formula helps prevent excess swelling of the hair cuticle during washing - which helps maintain color, improve hair health and shine, and reduce frizz.

Gentle enough to use every time you cleanse: Gentle on hair and scalp - pH-optimized formula mimics hair natural pH, to reduce cuticle swelling and maintain hair health, and preserve the scalp microbiome.

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