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Peptide Prep Pro Chelating Hair Complex 10oz
Item #:K18PP10 

This innovative no-mix, spray-on demineralizing treatment works to effectively reduce 7 of the most common types of metals + minerals in just 4 minutes. The result is better, more even color + chemical services, revived color vibrancy, restored smoothness and bounce, and improved effectiveness of products and styling.


  • Remove minerals + metal buildup in just 4 minutes - A concentrated cocktail of chelators targets 7 of the most common minerals and metals, for a deep demineralizing refresh in minutes. No mixing and no extra rinse needed.
  • Resets hair for optimal chemical and color services - to ensure even color + lift, reduce streakiness and hollow spots - and prevent unexpected chemical reactions.
  • Revive color vibrancy - improves color vibrancy and reveals true hue before and between chemical services. Removes any brassy green pigments and discoloration from mineral and metal reactions.
  • Restores natural texture + bounce - Draws out even hard-to-budge mineral deposits that cause buildup and weigh hair down.
  • Repair enhancer - Clean, demineralized hair paves the way for K18PEPTIDE to deliver a more effective repair treatment

Proprietary formulation tackles the most extreme metal + mineral buildup to deliver what PROs need with unparalleled speed, efficiency and accuracy.
Chelation Cocktail: A unique blend of 5 chelators with a range of metal attractions is clinically proven to reduce 7 of the most common metals and minerals from hair: Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Cadmium, Lead.
Antioxidant Peptides: Our antioxidant peptide blocks oxidative reactors and neutralizers metals in the hair for double the protection against reactive damage.

SCENT: Clean Citrus