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Black Soft Wax Tin 14.1oz
Item #:BEBLACK14 
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Berodin Signature Soft Wax. Berodin Black is a soft wax hybrid featuring the easy application of a gel and the gentleness of a cream wax. Mild on skin, this innovative formula can be heated at a low temperature, then applied and removed quickly for a speedy treatment. Unlike other soft waxes, this black wax will not dry out or become brittle as it sets. It leaves skin smooth and free of even fine hair, leaving behind no sticky residue.


  • Does not dry out or become brittle
  • Can be heated and applied at low temerature
  • Ideal for speed waxing


  • Polymer Technology: Creates a highly flexible wax that can be heated and applied at low temperature
  • Mineral Oil: An emollient oil that protects the skin and minimizes reactions.